Children who have not turned two years old yet are booked as infants. This means that the child does not have their own seat, but sits on an adult's lap. 

Note that this applies to the whole journey, note that the child must not have turned two years old before the journey has ended. If the child turns two years old during the journey, you must either book a child ticket for the entire journey or make two separate bookings where the child is 2 years old on the return trip.

Fictitious names for infants are not accepted.

It is not possible to make a reservation for a child who is not yet born. You cannot make a booking on our website and write, for example, "Baby" as the name, because the correct name according to the passport and birth date must be specified when ordering the trip. We cannot guarantee that children who are not specified when ordering can be guaranteed a seat on the flight.

It is not always technically possible to book an infant on an existing reservation.